Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sound Sunday

Without further ado, let's dive in the first SoundSunday of the year. (Yey!)

It's a music from a band formed by three sisters from San Fernando Valley, California. Este (guitar/bass), Danielle (vocals/guitar) and Alana (guitar/keyboard) presented us with their debut album Days Are Gone in 27 September of last year and they made a great entrance in the music world. Most frequently compared to Fleetwood Mac, for me, they are much more than that... Started to listen the album in 2013 and since then is stuck in my head. The guitar riffs speak for themselves and what firstly seems a weird combination of vocals becomes addictive. The sassiness they give to the music is the cherry in the top of the cake! Gladly will continue to listen to them in 2014!

The Wire by Haim

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