Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sound Sunday

This Sound Sunday is an extension of the last post (2013 Favourites). For this post I choose a music from my favourite band in 2013. Bastille is an indie rock band from London that released they debut album ''Bad Blood'' in the beginning of 2013. A happy album that mixture some electronic music with more traditional pop/rock music. ''Pompei'' was the first track to get to the public, or at least at me, and it was love at first sound. Here it is

2013 Favourites

Because it's never too late to do a favourites post, let me introduce you to some of the 2013 favourites here on the Hill. Starting with beauty favourites we have a nail polish from Kiko the #243 (Plum Red), a dark red colour that was, without a doubt, my most used nail polish colour in the last year. Although it's more a fall/winter colour trend I love it so much that I used all year around. 
Another favourite of mine in the beauty department was the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay. With very classy colours  that allows to create perfect looks for school or work I always tend to reach for this palette above all the others I own. 
For clothes favourites I also peaked two items. The first one is a combination jacket with zips and leather arms. Because I'm always in a rush when leaving home in the morning, I tend to be very practical and this jacket has been my savior. The leather detail makes all the difference in the outfit and gives an illusion that I spend a lot of time putting the outfit together, when I didn't. The pale green make it easy to combine with almost every colour. 
Also, last year I decided to be more healthier and exercise more, so I started to run. The benefits from running are countless and all you need is a nice pair of shoes and you're good to go, because you know, ''A good pair of shoes will take you to good places''! My Nike Flex running shoes have been, ''The'' shoes, my companion in adventures.
Talking about accessories, I must confess that I do love the trend of statement necklaces but somehow I found myself using more minimalistic jewelry. The combination bellow it's a recurrence that I love. Very light. Very chic.
For food/beverage favourites the award goes to Nescafé Cappuccino - Café de Viena. Oh my! It's like the perfect end for a long day! And the best of all is that I can have it in the comfort of my home, especially on that more cold, wet and windy winter days.
Last year favourite book (this was a tough one!) it was probably The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. We heard about the HeLa cells but what do we know about the person behind the cells? With this book we can learn about Henrietta, her family and the hardships they went through during that time due to their race and economical situation, and the ethical issues implicated in the HeLa story. An excellent non fiction book that is fascinating, inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time.
Favourite serie was, without a doubt, Game of Thrones. It's impossibly good! The only thing I dislike is the ginormous time between seasons.
Last favourite of mine (but not least important!) is the beautiful Nature! We are blessed to live in a world full of wonders, and one of my wishes for 2014 is that people start to appreciate and treat better the beautifull word that they live in!
So this concludes my 2013 favourites. Hope you enjoy!                                                         

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sound Sunday

Without further ado, let's dive in the first SoundSunday of the year. (Yey!)

It's a music from a band formed by three sisters from San Fernando Valley, California. Este (guitar/bass), Danielle (vocals/guitar) and Alana (guitar/keyboard) presented us with their debut album Days Are Gone in 27 September of last year and they made a great entrance in the music world. Most frequently compared to Fleetwood Mac, for me, they are much more than that... Started to listen the album in 2013 and since then is stuck in my head. The guitar riffs speak for themselves and what firstly seems a weird combination of vocals becomes addictive. The sassiness they give to the music is the cherry in the top of the cake! Gladly will continue to listen to them in 2014!

The Wire by Haim

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Brain Food

So here we are in the first month of a brand new year (Happy 2014!) and usually this is a time of possibilities... We have the possibility to start from the scratch, make new choices, new behaviours, new habits! Following this spirit and trying to accomplish three of my new years resolutions:

1- Post more on the blog,
2- Stop procrastinating and accomplishing my academic goals,
3- Eat a brain-healthy diet,

This idea appeared on my head, why not share the delicious healthy smoothie recipe that I did today during a study break? It's very easy to do and the main ingredients used give a brain boost, ideal after a long afternoon of intense study.
Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats that increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain. They also contribute to lower blood pressure levels, due to potassium, that is linked to an increase in cognitive abilities and I.Q. And they have folate that is essential for brain health and the maintenance of cognitive function, including memory. (Brain Food Alert!)
Kale is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A, folate and omega-3s fat all essential for brain health. (Brain Food Alert!)
Bananas are good for the brain because they are rich in potassium, folate and vitamin B6. (Brain Food Alert!)
And finally carrots, that are not only very good for your eyes (who doesn't want beautiful eyes, right?), but also for the brain due to the high levels of luteolin that reduces age-related memory deficits and inflammation in the brain. (Brain Food Alert!)

Here’s what you’ll need:
After you have all the ingredients you just need to blend the 4 ingredients in a blender until smooth (if needed add some water to liquefy).
And voilà you have your own Super BrainFood Smoothie!
Enjoy your smoothie! :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sound Sunday

Starting a new Monday series today. :D

I would like to share one of the things that always brighten up my day no matter what and Sunday feels like a good day for for brighten up, not only my, but also someone's else day!
Like Mr Billy Joel said once ''I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.''
And I couldn't agree more. So let's share some good music!
Today I heard that Lou Reed passed away... What a better way to honor the memory of a music legend than to remember is work. Live forever Lou!

I just leave this here,

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wonder Woods

In Portugal is that wonderful time of the year when you'll find, everywhere that you look, flowers bloom and birds dancing and singing in the sky. As a student it also means long days of studying, projects and related works because final exams aren't that far away. The rhythm of this time of the year can be exhaustive.

Although we have the same cycle in winter time, I quite enjoy study with the rain falling outside as my soundtrack. I find it very relaxing. And let's be honest, inside is much more comfy! But in springtime it's a crime not enjoy nature in such sunny days.

Sometimes, to find motivation for those long days of studying I like to take a break with my loyal companion half dog - halg wolf Mushu and adventure in the nature. There is one place in particular that I love the most and where I can always find motivation and peace. So I thought I would share this beautiful place and maybe help someone to find their own motivation. 

It's a shame that photos don't have sound or smell but I can say that the sound reminds me of the openig scene of Pride and Prejudice (2005) and the smell is a rich mixture between wet soil, freshly cut grass, and the sweet senses of wild flowers. 

I know that Earth Day was yesterday but everyday is a good day to realize how wonderful our planet is and worth protecting.


Friday, 19 April 2013

Here goes nothing!

Beginnings...There's something that is a big problem for me. Take for example the moment when you meet someone new, for some it's very easy to get along instantantly and it's like they know exactly what to say. For me, being quite shy it's awkward. I guess I'm more an observer until I can find a common ground with the person to talk about. Thinking about it now, maybe I'm afraid. Afraid to say the wrong things, afraid to give the wrong impression about myself. As human being I think it's normal to have some of these fears, but it's something that I want to work on and change. We all have the right to speak our mind and this is my first step in that direction. 
This will be the place were fear is not aloud. Where thougts can be express, and things that I love and that inspire me can be shown. Maybe I can inspire someone else too, who knows?
Enjoy the ride and Here goes nothing!

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