Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wonder Woods

In Portugal is that wonderful time of the year when you'll find, everywhere that you look, flowers bloom and birds dancing and singing in the sky. As a student it also means long days of studying, projects and related works because final exams aren't that far away. The rhythm of this time of the year can be exhaustive.

Although we have the same cycle in winter time, I quite enjoy study with the rain falling outside as my soundtrack. I find it very relaxing. And let's be honest, inside is much more comfy! But in springtime it's a crime not enjoy nature in such sunny days.

Sometimes, to find motivation for those long days of studying I like to take a break with my loyal companion half dog - halg wolf Mushu and adventure in the nature. There is one place in particular that I love the most and where I can always find motivation and peace. So I thought I would share this beautiful place and maybe help someone to find their own motivation. 

It's a shame that photos don't have sound or smell but I can say that the sound reminds me of the openig scene of Pride and Prejudice (2005) and the smell is a rich mixture between wet soil, freshly cut grass, and the sweet senses of wild flowers. 

I know that Earth Day was yesterday but everyday is a good day to realize how wonderful our planet is and worth protecting.


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