Friday, 19 April 2013

Here goes nothing!

Beginnings...There's something that is a big problem for me. Take for example the moment when you meet someone new, for some it's very easy to get along instantantly and it's like they know exactly what to say. For me, being quite shy it's awkward. I guess I'm more an observer until I can find a common ground with the person to talk about. Thinking about it now, maybe I'm afraid. Afraid to say the wrong things, afraid to give the wrong impression about myself. As human being I think it's normal to have some of these fears, but it's something that I want to work on and change. We all have the right to speak our mind and this is my first step in that direction. 
This will be the place were fear is not aloud. Where thougts can be express, and things that I love and that inspire me can be shown. Maybe I can inspire someone else too, who knows?
Enjoy the ride and Here goes nothing!

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